We are now providing free coaching sessions (made by various professional coaches using the app) in the following four key areas:

  • 1a. Attacking (developing possession)

  • 1b. Counter attacking (regained possession)

  • 1c. Defending out of ‘balance’ (lost possession)

  • 1d. Defending (out of possession)

The sessions will need to adapt according to the age group and ability of the players.

Sessions for developing possession for example will be completely different for an 8 year old player as it will for a 15 year old academy player. The structure may be similar but the way the coach handles the practice and the challenges will suit the players involved. The way the coach passes information to the players along with the pitch dimensions may also be dictated by the age and ability of the players.

The sessions are proven templates which coaches can take and manipulate to suit their players. All the sessions are effective in helping the players learn the elements of the game that is intended to be focused on.

The sessions will aim to be realistic to the game and the coach’s task is to make sure that they are relevant for the players in their care.


Download the app here from the App Store

Follow us on Twitter: @247_Coach


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