The new iOS11 app is now available on the app store priced at £5.99/$5.99/€6.99.

We intend to use the blog to regularly update you on all future new developments with the app.

Look out for new session plans/drills and tips which will help with your coaching and development of players.

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24/7 Coach Football is the state-of-the-art iPad app that enables football coaches everywhere to create bespoke training sessions and match tactic boards.



The app can be used for player development of all ages and for match based tactics – it is the alternative to traditional coaching methods.

24/7 Coach Football is an essential tool for all coaches of all experience, whether you are enrolled on a coaching course, train a youth team or coach at a professional football club. It not only helps players tactically but will also develop and improve them as individuals and team players.

Start off by choosing a pitch template and then design your session by placing various icons on the screen by simply selecting one (from the key) and then placing it in the desired position on the pitch – player/ball movement lines can be easily drawn into any shape and an arrow for direction will be shown. The icons and graphics are simple, clear and easy to follow which need little explanation resulting in the most fluid of all coaching apps available.

24/7 Coach Football is uncomplicated, user friendly and simple to use.
Every session is automatically saved and can be moved into dedicated folders. Sessions can be edited, planned, logged and then shared with colleagues or other coaches via email, Facebook and/or Twitter – the sessions can be printed direct via an AirPrint enabled printer. Notes are saved as Word docs allowing the user to explain the session easily.

We are the only coaching app that lets you start designing sessions and tactic boards within seconds – a coach’s dream.

Designed by professional coaches for all football coaches!

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